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lirik lagu rather fuck you – akinyele

rather f*ck you
(feat. complexion/curly)

is the bronx up in here
is queens up in here
is brooklyn up in here
staten island

[curly – hook x2]
i’d rather f*ck you girl
spread out spread out spread out
[complexion][during hook]
woman when it come to other gee’s
we tell them b*tches to flee

now we could start this sh*t up on the living room couch
at your mother’s house
as i push push
up in your bush
like a f*cking deush
i think of different ways
that we could lay
before we foreplay
so we could f*ck f*ck all through the night
and through the day

[hook x2]

i say f*ck them b*tches
that i used to mess with
they knew i should of knew when it comes to handling real d*ck
i like when it’s mushy
and the s*x is wet and gushy
i love it when you push me
when i’m humping up in your p*ssy

[hook x7]

hey yo this is ak-nel
with my man complexion
and curly from the rasta block
we do it like this on funkmaster flex tape
so we give you the real 60 minutes of f*ck

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