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lirik lagu real – meek mill


[verse 1: meek mill]
i said i used to get high, just to get by
couldn’t deal with my reality, was livin’ in a lie
sometimes i asked god is we livin’ just to die
conversations with my dad, and he livin’ in the sky
i think am i goin’ crazy? or is this sh*t forreal
the spirit of a n*gg* who will or is appealed
fightin’ to see the light and i’m fightin’ to keep it real
like a n*gg* with no lawyer i’m ready to take a deal
got me feelin’ like khaled, cause all i do is win
i don’t practice no religion, cause all i do is sin
i don’t even write it down, i’m just spittin’ out what’s in
i don’t celebrate for victory man all i do is grin
uh, sh*t i ain’t braggin’ i don’t boast
but when it come to bread f*ck a slice i need a loaf
and a little bit of toast just to keep the haters off me
man i do this for my city, all the n*gg*s waitin on me

[hook: meek mill]
look into my eyes, tell me what you see
youngin’ full of pride, tendencies of a g
i never gave a f*ck what ya’ heard about me
never told, never sold my soul n*gg* this is me

[verse 2: meek mill]
i’m a family man, don’t you ever cross that line where my family stand
i send them boys to come and get you in that family van
cold shooters that love them hammers like yosemite sam
i’m from a hood where these n*gg*s scared to dream at
f*ck the money they wanna’ kno where the lean at
they make ya’ lean back, i’m talkin fade-away
mike jordan, gettin’ it ain’t important
how can i forfeit, n*gg*s makin’ a fortune
livin’ in fortresses, gettin’ it on some corporate sh*t
go hard or go home and this the orphanage
same n*gg*s that i grew up i be often with
small circle ’cause n*gg*s a murk you
most of the time it’s n*gg*s that know, but my n*gg*s is purple
hearted, i seen the snakes before they even started
caught em, and the was dearly departed


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