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lirik lagu rewind – pillar

it seems just like yesterday was the first time that i heard you call my name
since then, so much has changed
i’m still the same man that i was before
knowing that i can be without anything scares me away from being alone
now, that i know what’s going on
i can look back and see you
and i made you wait, as i turned away

if i could rewind, watch all my life
just p*ss me by, i could see you
if i could rewind, i’d take back the lies
and all of those times i hurt you

i don’t know if i’ll ever know exactly how much that i hurt you
knowing that hurts me everyday
if i could rewind, i would take it away
and not make you wait, and i won’t walk away

i wanna take back all those lies
i wanna take back all those times
i wanna show you with my life that i’m here for you

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