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lirik lagu right to die – atrophy

trapped in my mind, the answers you won’t find
deep despair, what i feel, lost in time, what i’m feeling
emotions lost all meaning, can not help what i’m feeling
tortured by pain, this agony is so insane

diminishing away, day by day
a life once fulfilling now stripped away
it it’s certain i must die
i deserve the right to die
thousands of dollars everyday
to keep me suffering in a life of pain
i lie rotting be disease, eats away piece by pice
just leave me be

living through this h*ll, life unravels, just as well
politics of man won’t let me die, they just prolong my demise
a life i did not choose, but it is certain i will lose
a disgrace to myself it i take my family through this h*ll

repeat chorus
solo: lykins
repeat first verse
repeat chorus

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