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lirik lagu riot at taco bell – 2 week notice

there was a riot at taco bell
quite a tale in which i will tell
smashed the windows
broke the gl*ss
stupid mexicans can kiss my *ss.

well i need some food
i need it fast
i got no money i’m driving around for something cheap
i see the sign a bit down the street

pull into the parking lot
the open sign i did spot
got out the car
all seems well
soon there was a riot at the bell.
walked into this place
took a look around
bunch of f*ggots everywhere
a chick could not be found.
two would not stop staring
told them they better quit
one just p*ssed us off
and the other said ‘go eat sh*t.’

it had really made us mad
the fact that we had just been dissed
by a bunch of f*gs with ponytails
it made us f*cking p*ssed off.
riot at the bell (x3)
stupid spics, you burn in h*ll.

ran up to them
smashed their face
blood was spewed all over the place
teeth were broke
noses were bashed
threw one f*g through the gl*ss
then we saw the mexican’s face
they were in a f*cking daze
i don’t know what to do now
then they shouted blanco puetas!

then they took a charge running right at us
place was f*cking screwed
that was all the fuss
they were really p*ssed
place was f*cking trashed
a f*ggot on the floor
face was broken and bashed.
standing in a daze
i did not know what to do
i took a look at the oi boy
he didn’t have a f*cking clue!
so we got the h*ll out of there!!!

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