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lirik lagu river blue – a la carte

when i’m feeling down

when in a world of thousand tears i slowly drown

then i want to go back where the world is mine
and where i have left the best of my time.
river blue –
take me back to the valley where i belong
only you know that deep in my heart
i feel lonesome from morn’ until the dark.
river blue –
tell my sweetheart that i miss him more and mor
river blue – tell him my love’s still strong.
roll on
oh river blue.
i tried to play cool

tried to be free but all i found was ache in my soul
i am lost in walls i’m sinkin’ in the crowd
how i need your love i’m prayin’ out loud.
river blue –
. . .
where’s the door from dream to reality?
where’s the way to living free in harmony?

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