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lirik lagu ro – don’t wanna hurt nobody – z

(feat. lil’ boss, trae)

you already know who it is n*gg*, “king of da ghetto”
it’s a new day and time, but sh*t
it ain’t all good but sh*t it ain’t all bad no mo’ either doe
y’knahmsayin? i’m tryin to keep it civilized
but motherf*ckers keep f*ckin with me doe mayne

in case you don’t know my name, i’m ’bout to tell you my name
z-ro the crooked, “king of da ghetto,” all about my change
i remember when joseph wasn’t able to have thangs
now i’m able to flip a 300-m and grab grain
there’s some n*gg*z mad at me cause i got cash mayne
i’m the future of rap-a-lot, quit livin in the past mayne
remember flippin with a brick, in the dash mayne
now everytime i roll up b*tch give me bomb-*ss brain
probably be somebody baby momma, i ain’t ask mayne
baby daddy got a problem we can hit the gr*ss mayne
an *sshole by nature, livin in the fast lane
stay rilla fo’ reala, f*ck with me and that’s yo’ *ss mayne
honor roll student, but i dropped out of cl*ss mayne
ain’t got a diploma, but got knots of cash mayne
to you haters i’m a waiter waitin to serve somebody
i kill all you motherf*ckers but i

[chorus: z-ro]
don’t wanna hurt n*body, just leave me the f*ck alone
don’t wanna hurt n*body, just get me through my day-ayy
don’t wanna hurt n*body, just leave me the f*ck alone
don’t wanna hurt n*body but a n*gg* might f*ck around and bust ya brai-ainn

i guess they never seen a guerilla when he stompin and p*ssed
but they bout to see a young guerilla whoop they *ss with his fist
i tried to move around, motherf*ckers roachin and sh*t
my att*tude, f*ck, watch how you approachin me b*tch
*sshole and ain’t gon’ fake it cause i had it by nature
and that’s the result, of everywhere you go n*gg*z hate ya
and i ain’t trippin, i’ma catch one of them marks on the back street
with the black heat, slugs run up like a track meet

[lil’ boss]
i’m an anybody killa, but everybody can get it
servin suckers in neighborhoods got it crackin like a [?]
i didn’t come to hurt n*body but you b*mped into mine
but we gangsters i pull a fo’ and told you po’ out that wine
if i wanted flex, i coulda got a strap at that moment
i’d rather keep ca-ca-cash, cause i’m alreaady wanted
i’m an *sshole by nature, my flag’s on the left side
gave him a p*ss before i stepped {?} side


now i don’t wanna hurt n*body, but that’s a lie
cause it’s a delight for me to bust a lip or black an eye
or smoke a n*gg* like a syrup covered black’n’mild
so don’t f*ck with me when i’m tryin to make money stackin piles
some n*gg*z trie to rob me befo’, try to jack me now
f*ck danny glover, i’m the _lethal weapon_ with maxi 9
cain’t a n*gg* lavish any mo’?
without a gang of n*gg*z and they kickin in his do’?
and 9 times out of 10 it’ll be one of my friends
that’ll lead me to my grave, murder me to get my ends
do the crime and make a cape escape from my residence
but still show up at my funeral services ‘n sh*t
i ain’t fin’ to let it happen to me, you gon’ respect me
ain’t gon’ be no bad actin with me, homie
and to you haters i’m a waiter waitin to serve somebody
i kill all you motherf*ckers but i


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