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lirik lagu roundhouse kick to the face – the throne

they’re drowning me in fear and i’m sinking down
i’ve been lost in the shadows of my own reflection.
and like an exhausted campaign we’re sinking down.
trains, trains, we’re moving in formations like
trains, trains, all our life predicted like
trains, trains, we serve as one purpose like
trains, trains, running around like trains.
take two steps away from me
or this will be your last day.
your time is running out

so clap your hand like this
come on

what’s the point of finding out, when you turned out for something more and
all that filled your mind was thoughts of s-x and violence fuel for war.
resurrect the innocent our fighting force for self defense but
you can quit i’ll meet you at the gates of h-ll.

down on the waterfront he walked the pier alone alone.
the victim was noticed too late he’d given up the ghost.
and when the tide came in no one had known he had been
down on the waterfront he walked the pier alone.

turn down the cross upon the steeple i will come.
revenge the loss of our fallen brothers.
find a way to hide.
cause i am never gonna stop the hunt. i got a taste for iron blood.
find a way to hide

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