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lirik lagu s.a.d. (single awareness day) – joseph vincent

sad (single awareness day)

i feel that i should tell ya
a warning to prepare you
about this song, it’s when love goes wrong, but i’ll carry on

i gotta keep it real
of how i really feel
about this day, i don’t want it to stay, so please go away

when cupid aimed his arrow at me
he missed by a 100,000 feet

this ain’t a song about love, it’s the actually opposite i’m thinkin’ of
i don’t care about the cards, or candy hearts, oh no no no i’ll tell you right from the start
oh, reminds of how i don’t have a date, the 14th of february gets in the
way cause for me, it’s single awareness day

with all the red and pink
it’s just so hard to think
oh why should i care, about what i should wear, for n*body who’s there

i need love,
i need you
i need some one to hold me too

i need love
it’s so true
i need ya to say i love you


sad no valentine for me
and imma be alright if you could only see
that today’s just a day and if it’s meant to be
there’s always next year, just wait and see


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