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lirik lagu sadistic abductive – brain drill

a s*d*stic callinf from the inside has now left me misplaced.
from time i’ve seen you come past my way. it must have been only yesterday.
your skin had looked so fair you did not have a care.
sadistic thought have been on their way.
and it haunts me. tying you down so you can not move a thread.
your place is here my fantasy has not been met. now the pain begins.
and as i cut you a chill sends through me. you plea for your life.
and i won’t let you despite your screaming. your death comes quickly.
an early grave. should never crossed ways.
an early grave my mind’s haze. wh*r*.
sadistic addictive, you lay gutted and lacerated
sadistic addictive you were simply a piece of meat.

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