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lirik lagu savage – soulja boy


pulling up lamborghinis n*gg* yeah, 2013 brand new bentley trucks n*gg* (soulja, pops on the beat, soulja) yeah, sodmg n*gg* splash on ’em soulja, stack on deck money gang. ride, p*ss me that louie bag, (dre, ay) turn up, stand up

[hook: x2]
d*mn, i’m so savage [x4]
her *ss i grab it
she let a n*gg* stab it
ready for the action
my whole crew splashin’

[verse 1: soulja boy]
d*mn, i’m so savage
lettin’ these n*gg*s have it
don’t play with me dog
i let that f*ck boy have it (pow)
riding in that lambo, looking so savage
b*tches all on me, i’m a b*tch magnet
b*tches so wet, p*ssy’s so moist
p*ssy is so wet, for a rich n*gg* voice
riding in that lambo, followed by that bentley
soulja boy swag-o, sh*tting on you n*gg*s (pow)
talking down on me have my bruh grab the 30 clip
snitching out on me have my bruh dig your f*cking ditch
soulja boy tell ’em looking so savage tho, man i swear to god all my n*gg*s will let you have it though

[hook x2]

[verse 2: soulja boy]
got that loud on you, let me smoke that sh*t
got my click with me, and we roll so thick
sodmg, you better know that sh*t (pow)
we some sa-vage n*gg*s, and we smoke that piff
got my young n*gg*s with me and he got that thing
n*gg*, talk that f*ck sh*t until his *ss in danger
catch him running like a motherf*cking trackstar n*gg*
i be riding with them n*gg*s, that’s the black cars n*gg*
with that black card n*gg* and a yellow bone b*tch
she say she a model i don’t really give a f*cking sh*t
i’m a f*ck her throat dog cause a n*gg* savage, riding with my young n*gg*s and you can’t have sh*t
calling plays and my n*gg*s bring it through, young dre aka; throwing money out the roof
smoking loud after loud after loud to the face
n*gg* talking f*ck sh*t brought the k’s and beat the case

[hook x2]

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