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lirik lagu scream – zoegirl

does anybody know how i feel?
sometimes i’m numb, sometimes i’m overcome
does anybody care what’s going on?
do i have to wear my scars like a badge on my arm
for you to see me, i need release

do i have to scream for you to hear me?
do i have to bleed for you to see me?
’cause i grieve, you’re not listening to me
do i need to scream?

has anybody seen what’s been done?
where was my defense? no one heard my protest
the eyes of god were watching me
it’s time to make my peace, let it go and be released
so i can breathe again
i’m on my knees

i’ve been marked, set apart
but i’m cut so deep and afraid of the dark
one drop of blood from the hole in your hand
is enough to heal me and make me stand

’cause i’m clean, he is listening to me

i don’t have to scream for him to hear me
don’t have to bleed for him to see me
’cause i’m clean, he is listening to me
i don’t have to scream
i don’t have to bleed
’cause i’m clean, he is listening
and i don’t have to scream

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