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kumpulan lirik lagu paper chase

  1. lirik lagu where have those hands been – paper chase
  2. lirik lagu i’m going to heaven with or without you (the forest fire) – paper chase
  3. lirik lagu can i pour you another drink, lover – paper chase
  4. lirik lagu said the spider to the fly – paper chase
  5. lirik lagu a liver a lung a kidney a thumb – paper chase
  6. lirik lagu happy xmas (war is over) – paper chase
  7. lirik lagu these things happen – paper chase
  8. lirik lagu i am going to spend my whole life lying – paper chase
  9. lirik lagu we know where you sleep – paper chase
  10. lirik lagu drive carefully dear – paper chase
  11. lirik lagu you’re one of them aren’t you – paper chase
  12. lirik lagu the song will eat itself – paper chase
  13. lirik lagu we have ways to make you talk (the human condition) – paper chase
  14. lirik lagu what i’d be without me – paper chase
  15. lirik lagu and as long as i have fishes to feed you – paper chase
  16. lirik lagu the kids will grow up to be assholes – paper chase
  17. lirik lagu who can deny how delicious it tastes – paper chase
  18. lirik lagu let’s be bad henry, let’s be really bad – paper chase
  19. lirik lagu i tried so hard to be good – paper chase
  20. lirik lagu if nobody moves nobody will get hurt (the extinction) – paper chase
  21. lirik lagu don’t you wish you had some more – paper chase
  22. lirik lagu the laying of hands the speaking in tongues (the mass hysteria) – paper chase
  23. lirik lagu now we slowly circle the draining fish bowl – paper chase
  24. lirik lagu this is a rape (the flood) – paper chase
  25. lirik lagu neat; manageable: piles – paper chase
  26. lirik lagu the common cold (the epidemic) – paper chase
  27. lirik lagu out come the knives – paper chase
  28. lirik lagu one day he went out for milk and never came home – paper chase
  29. lirik lagu so how goes the good fight – paper chase
  30. lirik lagu at the other end of the leash – paper chase
  31. lirik lagu your ankles to your earlobes – paper chase
  32. lirik lagu dying with decent music – paper chase
  33. lirik lagu your money or your life (the comet) – paper chase
  34. lirik lagu my death – paper chase
  35. lirik lagu abby you’re gonna burn for what you’ve done to me – paper chase
  36. lirik lagu wait until i get my hands on you – paper chase
  37. lirik lagu the academy is… – paper chase
  38. lirik lagu what should we do with your body (the lightning) – paper chase
  39. lirik lagu off with their heads – paper chase
  40. lirik lagu you will never take me alive – paper chase
  41. lirik lagu go fishing – paper chase
  42. lirik lagu this is only a test (the tornado) – paper chase
  43. lirik lagu all manner of pox or canker – paper chase
  44. lirik lagu aliveralungakidneyathumb – paper chase
  45. lirik lagu the small of your back the nape of your neck (the blizzard) – paper chase
  46. lirik lagu ready willing cain and able – paper chase
  47. lirik lagu when (and if) the big one hits, i’ll just meet you there – paper chase


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