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lirik lagu self-made – otep

no [x3]
into the defect
the reason
the source
of all this
and extract it

what heals me kills me

i’m a natural *ssasin
a m*ssacre in action
i’ve never known remorse
or felt any comp*ssion
this is my drug of choice
the reason demons rejoice
my rage remains a beast untamed

i bet you’ll remember me now

i am heartbreak and depression
regret without redemption
a wounded animal
afraid of my reflection
i am an epidemic
this is a crime of p*ssion
the willing weak deserve defeat
the penance will be savage

i bet you’ll remember me now [x2]

mind f*ck
can’t escape
these chains
of shame
i’m stuck
swollen in the mud
standing still
hungry for the hunt
and the thrill
of the kill

come on
i’ve always been a shadow
content with my disease
you’ll never see it coming
’cause you never notice me
words are the remedy [x2]

what heals me kills me [x9]
the plague rages on

i’ve built myself out of ash and agony
i am ready
i am my own creation, i am, self-made [x3]
i am i
a bone heals
a bruise fades
but art is forever

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