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lirik lagu selfish – amb

you want it, can’t have it.
baby, you’re so ecstatic
you’re laughin’, you’re askin’
how much it cost with tax and
you know you feel h*llish
your wasted life is selfish
your evil transgressions will cost more than them possessions

bonez dubb:
if you can’t find the mind to do right the wise
in the eyes of a beast, you feast on the lies
for self-help when everybody needs it, but you
even thought you had the whole world times two
give it back a little better than your daddy did, b*tch
go ahead and take a break from tryin’ to be rich
kinda sad that your dad got you trained real good
buried a hatchet in his chest and drag him through the hood ’cause

chorus x2 (otis):
i find that your selfish mind is a place to hide
when you know what you are doing is wrong

you see him and run cause
you know where he has come from
you know that he’s here to play repo-man and take you
your money and fortune was good within the moment
but now it’s all over
the moment they have hoped for

bonez dubb:
click sound in my listening range i feel strange
money now or you gonna get this gauge up in your face
tryna rob me broke, his was robbie choke and he was hooked on c*ke
and had nothin’ to smoke
i spoke out – you don’t know me, i have no cheese
but i got a little somethin’ for your greed, you see
so i whipped out the greens as he went for the gr*ss
i put my double-headed axe in his m*th*f*ckin’ *ss

chorus x3 (otis):
i find that your selfish mind is a place to hide
when you know what you are doing is wrong

hook x 6(otis)
your soul inside is all but dead and gone!


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