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lirik lagu sentences – cam meekins


coming with flows sicker than cinnamon
sins but i’m livin’ it
my sentences is so slick
chicks thinking i’m slippin it
sh*ts getting thick
when she pull a quick on my d*ck
but that’s whack rap
my flows gone j*zz over your penmanship
educated for myself, m*st*rb*t*d my brain
you don’t get it then get out of my lane
i brought the rain, now the rain gone c*m
this lamp city sh*t is sick
like a big to the splif for seein’ some t*tty sh*t
i ain’t new to this cr*p
i’m like a buddhist when i rap
but i’m skinny got that minimal fat
my words, splat ya’ll tracks master
my tracks faster, getting more views
to sign, a record deal and go get more shoes
i… don’t give a f*ck about, or even think about
a stylus, my style is wilder to the eye
than a f*ckin guy screamin that’he’s s*xy and he know it’
i’m a b*tch rockin flannels and some jeans like a poet
so it’s, f*ck a cosign, so what i’m. lean cause i rhyme
also a white guy somewhere in between 6 feet and
6’5. oh my split it so fly, go die
if you ain’t on my vocal sh*t i’m over it
tryna get a tour together
n*body was flowin it
tried to get session going n*body was smoking it
f*ck the rap game i run that sh*t from my bas*m*nt
and make all these mother f*ckers
look easy like it’s some staples sh*t

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