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lirik lagu shame – wiz khalifa


[funny laugh]
it feels like i’m back again for the first time, if that makes any sense
(something lol)
the good weeds lit, let’s go

i got a couple sweets rolled with another o in a ziploc (o in a ziploc) [echo]
they see the pockets on swole how the lights h-t the stones on the wrist watch (stones on the wrist watch)
don’t gotta ask who run it it’s easy baby they know my name (they know my name)
all the cash we blow on some weed smoke they say bro it’s a shame (bro it’s a shame)
boy you know it’s a shame

pop da smoke like pop out
and i’m pimp all the hoes call me papa
gucci, chuck tays, i don’t f-ck with no prada
fresh off the plane and i’m smoking like high time
it’s better to be a star
ny i’m coping them weed jars
la my hoes got medical weed cards
and my swagg through the roof
i hit the mall a boutique and tear down
see what i got on you want to wear it now
think i’m a drink on her when she get tainted
married to my money so she think i’m taken
she keep beggin me to creep
i heard your song i can do better in my sleep
all my n-gg-z rumble some bang better with the heat
better keep the peace
there’s ink everywhere you see
and i only smoke good weed
only where designer man
if i f-ck with baby girl she gotta be a 9 or 10


last night i made a b-tch forget all about her man
the reason for them guts in your garbage can
i roll expensive spliffs
she f-ckin me for free but for you she’s one expensive b-tch
keep blowin up my sidekick knowing i’m at the studio
another couple thousand everytime i do a show
that meanin i’m really eating
and everyday of my life is like the weekend
i wake up to good weed and new clothes
go to sleep with more money and bad hoes
one of my 3 phones buzzin through my sleep
i know you heard of my name i’m buzzin all through the streets
yeahhh… and i be with bosses
get your sh-t togethor n-gg- or count your losses
and incase you ain’t get the potrait
i’m a make it clear, n-gg- it’s staryear… swagg

yeah man, it shouldn’t be no suprise for ya’ll n-gg-z
swisher sweet flickin’
[funny chuckle]
chavo chasin, taylor gang, heavy hustle


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