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lirik lagu she is… – between the trees

she opens up my bedroom door
she’s waking me up soon
“i’m turning on the light” she warns
it’s the little things that you do
she’s the one that start’s my day..
my dear mom… my comforter
my friend forever
when life’s right or wrong
she is also my laughter
yet my sholuder to cry on

my mom is my super hero
my mom is my world …

all out of gas no place to go
she knows just what i’ll say
she turns and laughs and opens up
her purse
and gives enough for the week
she didn’t have to give but she did
it’s just the kind of woman she is
love, she is love
my dear mom…

my mom is my super hero
my mom is my world…

love is an action that she shows me often.
even when it’s not in her kisses
blessed with a mom who puts herself after her children.
it dosen’t get much better than priceless

my mom is my super hero
my mom is my world, yeah

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