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lirik lagu shoot niggas – styles p

(feat. raw buck)

[intro: styles p]
yeah! f*ck n*gg*z!
grease whattup? vacant lot
i’m a expose these b*tches!
you don’t like me set it!

[styles p:]
this ain’t for the radio, nor for the video
this is for the n*gg* with his banger by his sh*tter hole
comin out the box crazy bear cause his sh*t is swole
ready to roll, no holds barred
gettin amped up, just lookin at his old scars
yeah, you know it’s on when the real n*gg* hatin you
no sleep, think about, the steel penetratin you
he the type to break the blade off in you
f*ck a cage when you know that it’s a cage up in you
what? kinda hard to not, go on a murder spree
paintin n*gg*z burgundy, put ’em to surgery
go kill they family like the sh*t was a urgency
s.p. is back, call the state of emergency
n*gg* get the n-g-o’s, sh*t you bend in your rolls
the men in your holes, all of my foes
all you smell is gunpowder then the scent of a rose, what!

[chorus: styles p]
shoot n*gg*z, cut n*gg*z, f*ck n*gg*z, what n*gg*z
b*tt n*gg*z really shouldn’t bop, you strut n*gg*z
firearm touch n*gg*z, light him like a dutch n*gg*
stop, look at your watch, you know that time’s up n*gg*

[raw buck:]
f*ck all these n*gg*z, let ’em die slow
pistol-whip somethin ’til you break the raw{? } snow
shoot a n*gg* throat out, hawk him in his eyeball
let that n*gg* burn for tryin to run through this firewall
new world order, raw buck, s.p.
twin tec ninas leave him wetter than a jet ski
i’m the rawest rookie, fire me where the vest be
i got a awkward offense, but i got the best d
greatest man alive, no i’m not e.s.t.
hoppin out the nestle crunch, color s.e.
nod to the anthem, i’m a ride with the phantom
whether we in the f*ckin who-ride or a phantom
real n*gg*z to feel it, fake n*gg*z’ll fear it
i been with the real and i break fake n*gg*z spirits
all bear witness the truth n*gg*
i got no remorse, and i never been hesitant to shoot n*gg*


[styles p:]
trust me, you don’t really know who you f*ckin with
the gun is called d*ck, won’t you go ahead and suck it b*tch
e’rybody fly, actin like a f*ckin b*tch
if you ask me then e’rybody’s a f*ckin trick
let me ease up, these n*gg*z ain’t g’d up
they more like e’d up, once that i re’d up
shoot him in his face, while he rollin his weed up
you rap with security, you p*ssy
if you sell crack with authority you p*ssy
n*gg* can’t run a block cause them n*gg*z’ll run over you
probably wouldn’t jump, if they threw a gun over you
you ain’t built for what you talkin about
you unworthy, oughta get hawked in your mouth
i got a white boyfriend that woulda called you a poser
got a n*gg* in jail that woulda made you a dosier
you a wack-*ss rapper n*gg*, f*ck it it’s over


[outro: styles p]
yeah, you know who the f*ck it is
i got a story to tell
if you don’t know it find out about it, b*tch!
n*body eats no more, hardest out point blank period
you don’t believe me send all the motherf*ckers at once
yeah! woof!

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