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lirik lagu shroud of frost – anathema

undying odyssey… a myriad of times

the soul has seen
through eyes of heaven
the imperium of earth
nothing left to perceive

help me to escape from this excistence
i yearn for an answer… can you help me?
i’m drowning in a sea of abused visions and shattered dreams
in sommolent illusion… i’m paralysed

infinity distraction…
a pious human disorder
blind to p*ssage of souls
conclusion from one remembrance

help me to escape…

transfixed… i gaze through my window at a world lying under a shroud of frost
in a forlorn stupor i feel the burning of staring eyes, yet no-one’s here
detached from this reality, in the knowing of dreams,
we know the ent*ty of ensuing agony waits to clasp us in it cold breast, in an empty room
we awake and it’s true
i dreamt of the sun’s demise
awoke to a bleak morning
in the emptyness i beheld fate
for the dead ligth is a foretelling of what will be…
i saw a soul drift from life
through death
and arrive at elysian fields in welcoming song
yet i stand in a dusk-filled room
depondently watching the p*ssing of a kindret spirit…
and there is no song…
just a delusion of silence…

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