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lirik lagu silence – curren$y

(feat. mckenzie eddy)

[mckenzie eddy]
so i see the setting sun and i get to feeling numb,
down on that side of town, back where no funs around.
back where i felt like me and everything you want to be.
just flows so easily, some i think may call it free,
so cooooooooooooooooollllddddd,
so so coooooooooooolllddd,
i cant believe you cooooooollllddd
so ooooooooooooooooooooo

uh, yea..
as the joint burns, o the point that it stinging my fingers,
tracks my talk show platform…
part phil donahue part jerry springer
momma come when i bring her..
she go where i send her.
kept it trill from the beginning
from square 1 maintain square business
don’t concern yourself with my minglin with other b*tches
so crafty, mastered the flow alaska cold,
silent foot *ss*ssin approach.
high when i stroll,
not even leaving foot prints in the snow…
you know

[mckenzie eddy]
can’t believe you cooooooolllllldddd
soo ooooooooooooooo whooooooaaaa
so i see your face again, back where i’ve been travelin
time.. i think it seems, to have its grip on me.
friends they say they call it for you,
no matter what i offer you.
cant believe in history, living in this misery.
so cooooooooooooooooolllllddddd
so so cooooooooooollllldddd
i cant believe you cooooollllllllllllddd
so cooooooooooooolllllddddd

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