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lirik lagu sixteen – the heavy


i saw her dancing with the devil.
and he was wearing my shoes.
black and white jordan leathers.
and she was looking for abuse.

now she look just like heaven.
but her mind reek of h*ll.
now i know shouldn’t be telling,
but i guess, i guess if you know her well….

she’s the kind of girl,
she can’t believe me when i say
she’s already there
and already there,

now what the devil want,
believe the devil gonna get.
he gonna stretch her out.
like a tape in a c*ssette.

and when you see these kind of girls
they all look pitiful
but the devil know, the devil knows
there’s only one thing tonight she gonna suck,

cause she won’t she can’t
believe me when i say
she’s already there!
she’s already there!

we got sixteen year olds
acting like they’re forty year olds
now we need to reclaim some souls
i got an idea
let’s take a m*ssive
hydraulic system
let’s flush them out.

but she can’t
believe me when i say
she’s already there.
she’s already there!

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