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lirik lagu sleep now – angelspit

i was not born, i was hatch
from lava, to pupa, tank, to coffin
tearing affection i showed with my teeth
crawled from the egg to feed of mothers frustration
h*ll was made flesh and bred with goats

allegiance sp*wned to replace us in face and name
the kingdom of apathy ruled by cattle
f*ck, scathe, destroy, burn
what foul majik is this? hideous and perfect

drowned out by children singing
we are all the same, the monster in human
is inhumane

if i gave you a pound of my sacred flesh
would your sew closed that f*cking mouth?
always messing inside my head
all that troublesome talk just turns to wrath

if i drew a picture of what makes me violent
i’d give you a shining blade as your answer
see your angelic reflection while carving
trenches into your face

they put poison in my tank, lucid poltergeist
in the form of a child
we are all the same, the monster in human
is inhumane

p*ssing my fingers past your tonsils
to retrieve your shining soul
let the rot-red angst drip from my nails
kiss past my teeth to your pure opal

vile airborne demon in my breath
past the age when you don’t care anymore
wounded by the pen, conquered by a sales pitch
her black cherry just turned sour

cogsmen and sweaters all-reel in terror
screaming convulsing so deranged
we are all the same, the monster in human is inhumane

sleep now, hush…

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