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lirik lagu so dedicated – lil’ wayne

so dedicated
(feat. birdman)

uh, she so sophisticated
she’ll catch a n*gg* nut and then refrigerate it
i wear a rubber and we f*ck till we get hydrated,
i pull it out, bust on her face and call her cry baby
i kiss her neck, i kiss her stomach and then i kiss that p*ssy,
and then i eat it from the back, but i don’t do crack
and then i get this monster hard and ask her where to put it?
she tell me tunechi hit it raw, i tell that b*tch you crazy
don’t want no hiv, don’t need that honey, move to vegas?
it’s ymcmb, the f*ckin’ alpha and omega
the presidential double r, call it ronald reagan
i f*ck yo b*tch we c*m together, call that congregating
i be balling on these n*gg*s, sports ill*strated
tough in the streets, but you in a court with a statement.
ain’t that a b*tch? man, kill everybody but the babies
give that b*tch n*gg* the blues till he f*ckin navy

man i be riding around with that yoppa,
i pop a n*gg* like..
all you hoes get topless
suck this d*ck till its spotless
too many hoes i got options
i ain’t never trippin’, you can ask b*tch.
i’ma send em back with her p*ssy lips looking just camel lips
you f*ckin with some real n*gg*s, blow your f*ckin head off
they say life is a b*tch, i hope that b*tch a red bone.
all i know is get money, b*tch aint gettin sh*t from me.
f*ck a six pack, six bullets give you six stomachs
tell her how that p*ssy taste
she’s been eating pineapples
throw it back like a quaterback
hit that *ss like a linebacker
put that p*ssy on me
we caught up in the moment
ak with a hair trigger
n*gg* don’t make me comb it
it’s like a full time job not to kill n*gg*s
some of my homeboys job is to kill n*gg*s
yea, cause i’m still on probation
write yo name on the bullet thats a dedication

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