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lirik lagu so fresh – trina

unusual suspect (unusual suspect)
but i know these n*gg*s (but i know these n*gg*s).
jim johnson, big d (jim johnson & big d).
ah dis trina & plies slip & slide thang, i’m in here wit the baddest b*tch.
ah trina take care these hoes, cuz i got these n*gg*s.

my steering wheel wood, & my wheels croma.
can’t pay these n*gg*s to leave me alone.
i’m so fresh, i’m so fresh.

i gotta pocket full of money and my teeth glitter.
sum bout been a trille *ss n*gg*.
i’m so fresh.
i’m so fresh.

paint candy racin’ sribs.
crush dem b*tches off the rip.
i don’t think you really wanna mess with me, test me and eventually.
see me speedin’, cops don’t see em’, f*ck em’ & feed em’ wouldn’t wanna be em’.
i ain’t scared of ya’ll,
i ain’t no regular broad i’ain’t scared at all.
like bone crusher i’ll crush your bones when i come through strong with my big big brone.
ride spinners like 3-6 do. let me do me n*gg* you do you.
suck this cl*t till my sh*t turn blue.
put a b*tch to sleep wake me up when you threw.
i’ma get dress so fresh lookin’ new and it’s back to the chevy or the cab for you.
chuck & duece switchin’ lanes.
ridin’ dat douk & sittin’ on things.
you ain’t never met a b*tch like me and your b*tch ain’t never ride a d*ck like me.
check the paint, watch the feet, inches 26’s deep, candy drippin’ on the street, b*tch i’m ridin;


ain’t too many n*gg*s like me. i’m from a rare breed.
i walk it like i talk.
was raise by a g.
you ain’t suppose to like me dog, cuz i’m what you wanna be.
from top to bottom being trille that’s something that’s in me.
it’s a h*lluva feelin to know that you 100% a real n*gg*.
i been out here gettin’ money, since i was a lil n*gg*.
i’m loved by these hoes, respected by these killers,
it took years of thuggin’ to get to this point n*gg*.
i don’t know if you know how it feels to walk around with stacks.
i been broke, came up and i ain’t going back.
cuz money get you friends, choppers get you respect.
respect out here in these streets, i got alot of that.


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