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lirik lagu so long you were right – backseat goodbye

h*ll yeah i made it out
what else would you expect?
my mind’s a mess and my heart’s a wreck
oh well that’s how it goes
another week and i won’t know what it even means to be alone
call me all you want, i’m skipping town
i’m going to cut my hair and feel fine for awhile
maybe start a band and call it so long, you were right
and find myself a new home every night
so what you hate your past
i don’t think too about that
why worry if the ghosts can’t get you
everyone’s a poet these days
spouting off ’bout how they just don’t get it
stop writing about life and living
it’s funny how i never know your name
it’s been 23 years and i still feel the same
as lost as the next just waiting for a new way to say
this hurts likes h*ll but it’ll be okay
yeah this hurts like h*ll but it’ll be okay
this hurts like h*ll, but i’ll be okay.

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