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lirik lagu something electric – all together separate

millions wander around this place
bewildered wonder on their face
there’s something electric
jagged rocks that reach and pry
water falls through shattered sky
there’s something electric
silent impact
as the fountain meets its fate
there’s something electric

be still,
don’t try to explain
keep listening
oh just know,
that god made you something electric

rising in the east
the horizon is alive
there’s something electric
crimson splashes
chips the break of day
there’s something electric
could it be the colors?
could it be the way
the sun chases the night away?
i don’t know but
there’s something electric

(light decides to rest while
evening takes center stage
shadows grow
making crosses seems more like skyscr-pers
the dust innocently p-sses
while his mother pauses to weep
she sees him hanging there like
some link between severed loves
or some ornament of divine madness
but in his last breath
in his last thought
he knew you were something electric)

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