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lirik lagu something’s coming – glee cast

“something’s coming”

could be,
who knows?

there’s something due, any day,
i will know, right away,
soon as it shows.
it may come cannonballing down from the sky,
gleaming it’s eye, bright as a rose.

who knows?
it’s only just out of reach,
down the block, on a beach,
under a tree.

i got a feelin’ there’s a miracle due,
gonna come true, comin’ to me.

could it be? yes, it could,
something’s coming, something good,
if i can wait.
something’s coming,
i don’t know what it is
but it is gonna be great.

with a click, with shock,
phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock,
open the latch.
something’s coming, don’t know when
but it’s soon, catch the moon,
one-handed catch.

around the corner or whistling down the river,
come on, deliver to me.

will it be? yes it will,
maybe just by holding still,
it’ll be there.
come on something, come on in,
don’t be shy, meet a guy,
pull up a chair.
the air is humming and something great is coming.

who knows?
it’s only just out of reach,
down the block, on a beach,
maybe tonight,
maybe tonight,
maybe tonight!

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