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lirik lagu son of god – starfield

son of god
shaper of the stars
you alone
the dweller of my heart
mighty king
how beautiful you are, how beautiful

son of god
the father’s gift to us
you alone
were broken on the alter of love
precious lamb
our freedom’s in your blood, it’s in your blood

jesus, oh holy one
i sing to you
savior, i’m overcome
with your great love for me

son of god
strenght beyond compare
you alone
the darkness cannot bear
lord of love
your kindness draws me near, it draws me

son of god
prophecy of old
you alone
redeemer of my soul
come again
and lead your people home, come lead us home

you are worthy
you are worthy
you are worthy of all my praise

you are beautiful
you are beautiful
i will lift up my hands and sing

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