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lirik lagu soul – soulo ho3 – ab

(feat. jhene aiko)

this is a story about control, my control
control of what i say, control of what i do
and this time i’m gonna do it my way
i hope you enjoy as much as i do
are we ready? i am, because it’s all about control
and i’ve got lots of it

[verse 1: ab-soul]
soulo ho, the one and only
you n*gg*s know me, your b*tches want me
determination, i got a grip, 9-5 locs i am not a crip
blood, sweat and tears, hotel tiers
your short term tall tales won’t sell here
and ms. aiko told me let my soul sail here
let me get a ‘h*ll yeah’

open your eyes
you n*gg*s know what it is
it’s about that time
soulo ho?
you n*gg*s know what it is
it’s been a h*ll of a ride
you n*gg*s know what it is
we live one h*ll of a life
so soulo ho?

[verse 2:]
manipulating minds, reciprocating times
split on my
said i was the underdog, turns out i’m the secret weapon
we can see you half-stepping, i should somersault
some are salty that i made it in the way i did
cause i really did everything i say i did
let me tell you why i’m vexed
the same reason why i’m stressed, the same reason why i’m blessed
i stopped playing, and i started planning
i stopped playing, and i made it happen
we mapped it out, and now the map is ours
raised my stats off of records, check an almanac
thank god punchline knew i had a knack
down two die to get my point across like cr*ps
control system, cut off your radios, cut off your television

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