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lirik lagu splash out – soulja boy

splash out
(feat. agoff)

you already know
fifty thirteen
listen tiny pants and b*tch
all this money in my hands
got that money just for fun
let my b*tch have all the wood
haters won’t hang up the phone
you know i don’t f*ck and ball
know where i live my fight i take it
my swag is so f*cking sacred
hating on me, i’m going to make it
punk it out like i’m jamaican
lie her like a super saying
they say heck i’m going crazy
i’ve been getting money lately
and i know they still going to hate me
i’m going to stack up all this paper
ocean gang is what our name is
pretty boy gangster
every day i’m [?]
twenty twelve
splash out, splash out, splash out
n*gg*rs hating on my d*ck
cause they know that i’m the sh*t
f*ck what you heard b*tch
cause that n*gg*r’s filthy rich
all this money in my bank
n*gg*rs know i got them bands
f*ck all that sh*t that you heard
lv gucci in their sack
f*cking with my n*gg*rs n*gg*r
i’m a f*ck around and kill you
now they gave them f*ck and sh*t
all you think i’m worth the billion
my click b*tch you know we stunning
every day we getting money
splash out i’m smoking chronic
lean us out i’m f*cking stunning
splashy, splashy

they want soulja boy to fall
every day i f*cking ball
splash out, splash out, splash out
ocean gang

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