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lirik lagu stand – 1080

who are we to stand here in the way of “progress”? / how foolishly hubristic we are… / to think that we might almost start to make a difference / stand in the way and flail our arms…
you can talk about the things that make you more upright than me / you can say that nothing matters…but everything matters too much for your apathy
who are you to question our morality? / like any of us want to hear your outcry… / your superficial thoughts lost in the m*ssive ocean / we can’t change that but we try…
scattered and few, beaten and bruised – our disbanded union / lost and confused, time falling through, i promised i’d be here / where the f*ck are you?
mr. nowhere is from the wrong side of the tracks / he earns less than me because he’s black / as hard as it may be to fess up to this truth / xenophobic ideas infiltrate our youth, and / when we’re older will we think that it’s alright? / will our children inherit the fight left hanging? / i won’t give up or give in i hope to say / that my commitment will remain…
man destroys earth, man destroys man, reality’s a trip i can’t understand / i saw a vision oh-so wrong, it was the world i know except i was gone / all too real, and all too strange, never existed, i was a silent name / saw my dad, and saw my mom, everyone just carried on… / no one knows exactly where this sh*t began / so this is simply where i stand… / and this is just where i stand / (still dreaming, still screaming

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