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lirik lagu still ain’t over you – rob thomas

“still ain’t over you”

i should have never let you go
always another
i need this more than you will know
but theres always another

a million by ways and highways
and theres always another
someone else to pay your way
to try to take your innocence

theres always

i hold steady
while youre shaking me loose
you keep breaking me down but i still aint over you
i’ve been living like theres nothing to lose
and i’m telling you now that i still aint over you

i keep your letters by my bed
and theres always another
i hear your voice inside my head
and theres always another

a waste of time
wasted our days
and theres always another
someone else to make you suffer
make you think this whole thing over

i’ve been sleeping around but i still aint over you

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