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lirik lagu stop callin’ me – dem franchize boyz

b*tch stop callin me (b*tch stop callin me)
b*tch stop callin me (b*tch stop callin me)
aint gon pick tha phone up (aint gon pick tha phone up)
aint gon pick tha phone up (aint gon pick tha phone up

[verse 1: (parlae)]
b*tch stop callin me aint gon pick tha phone up, send ya to tha voicemail
straight hang tha phone up
aint gon get yo hair did, b*tch stop askin me
ya nails and ya toes fixed, b*tch stop harr*ssin me’
i buy a b*tch a shirt gotta buy a b*tch a hat
i dont work at the zoo get this monkey off my back
ya say ya pregnant wit my baby, sh*t, i dont think so….
b*tch dat aint my baby, well i dont really kno
i got what i wanted i dont need nuthin more
so stop callin leavin message after message hoe!
b*tch don’t call me no more (why?)
aint gon pick tha phone up
treat her like a clothes hanger straight hang the phone up


[verse 2: (buddy)]
ay, stop callin me b*tch dis aint no chat line
blowin up my phone like a welfare hotline
thinkin ima help ya baby-mama b*tch ya not mine
nope i can’t get wit cha and we cannot share no dollar sign
call restricted hoe, put her numba on call block
broad real smart, call me from her home-gurl house
like a bug-a-boo thats nuthin i cant handle
i just treat her like some stranger unknown #s i dont answer
our relationship got cancelled, forfitted, its ova
stop leaving messages aint no startin ova
ima call u aint no need 2 call me
b*tch talkin 2 yourself when u talk behind tha beep


[verse 3: (pimpin)]
stop calliin me talkin bout “where u at?”
she wanna hold some money talkin bout let her hold a stack
i pick tha phone up quick tell this b*tch i’ll call her l8ta
hung the phone up quick sent her straight to tha operator
she callin all the time, now she knockin at my door
f*ck that b*tch hard cuz she keep wantin more
just call it quit b*tch den i made tha b*tch leave
she tha stalkin type b*tch, hidin behind a n*gg* tree
she callin once again keep callin n*gg*s phone
she keep callin tha cell and the phone i got at home
now she just f*cked up cuz she went and worked for nextel
call a n*gg* phone change my p*ssword on my voicemail


[verse 4: (jizzal man)]
y u keep callin me?
what the f*ck u playin on my phone 4?
dats what stupid b*tches get cracked across tha dome for
i cant get to tha phone, im unable to answer
i aint buyin braids and i aint sendin pampers
u just dont get it u servin no purpose
i dont wanna talk, talk 2 my answerin service
i dont wanna talk to ya, i dont wanna f*ck ya
naw i aint ya boo and h*ll naw i dont love ya
u be wit tha silly sh*t,straight up on dat trippin sh*t
callin me now, b*tch used to be on pimpin d*ck
it is what it is, i wish u wouldnt bother me
b*tch stop…stop…stop callin me!


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