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lirik lagu street knock raspy – swizz beatz

ridin’ around in my lotus
sitting back and i’m focused
and the west side hocus pocus
n*gg* see them pipes
coming out at night
n*gg*s acting crazy, we don’t really think
hit back with them hammers
watch out for them cameras
n*gg*s coming through
popo put you in the slammers
i ain’t got no time, i ain’t doing no crime
why you’re talking to me
i ain’t’ dropping no dime
sitting back in my shirt
giovanni on my back, sitting million august
bringin’ the dog back
lox is here we back up in here
double r’s here we come in to share
back to back and i’m chillin
kill em back and i’m healing
n*gg*s talkin’ crazy and i make a killin
took over them companies
took over dem trees
kept them in my flight
p*ssport overseas

hey, right
1212, right, 1212, right
get ’em
god d*mn it

god d*mn it i’m a genius
swagga is the meanest
where green hair chick from venus on my p*n*s
twisted up our fingers
you know who my team is
swatch ’em up and fold em then we treat them like them cleanest
used to push the jag stolen tags get the stereo
mouth row top, row full of gold material
88 back b*ss b*mping through your stereo
chicken noodle soup and mixing soda with the cereal
white like milk got beige like the cheerio
kicks and purple syrup and my breakfast is complete
new black scale sh*t that compliment the fleece
reeboks red-bottoms straight from swizzy on my feet
and some billionaire boy and some billionaire boys club
plus probably push bugatti that’s the billionaire’s toy huh
woah ke mesabi i’m in junior once a naby
meracami or versace and givanci on your boy huh

hey, right
1212, right, 1212, right
get ’em
god d*mn it

haters they can’t stop me listen to a$ap rocky
walking to the club and b*tches say i’m c*cky
walking to the club and b*tches say i’m c*cky
walking to the club and b*tches say i’m c*cky

chill back when i’m lay back
sitting back and i’m way back
everybody may stay back
let’s gonna say that
back back in them business
came back and gets this
n*gg* wanna… can i get an witness
sh*t my own on fly
bout through the sky razcats in walls
god d*mn i’m fly
gt irons and all that, c*ssos and all that
rembrandt’s, you name it b*tch i got it all
yeah bouncin’ on my scrilla
kickin’ back from out nilla
b*tch aks my color
i told that b*tch vanilla

god d*mn it

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