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lirik lagu streets on lock – young jeezy

ay….ay….ay….chea….ay ….ay….
let’s get it

[verse 1]
these n*gg*s just hating they ain’t talking bout sh*t
i’m a grown *ss man i flip my own brick
i don’t need yo help i can own my own d*ck
ain’t no motherf*cker help me write my rhymes
ain’t no n*gg* pay for my studio time
see me at the top and want to claim my fame
n*gg* took my chain yea motherf*ckin right
you better off saying a n*gg* took my life
want to *ss*ssinate my character but i ain’t acting
it ain’t adding up so you n*gg*s subtracting
big said it first more money more problems
the why i see it more problems more money (whatsup)

i got the streets on lock
atlanta on my back
i do it for the hood
you got a problem with that
real n*gg* so this rap sh*t easy (when i speak)
theses n*gg*s believe me
cause b*tch i’m jeezy

[verse 2]
eyes wide shut i don’t see these n*gg*s
cause deep in your heart you want to be me n*gg*
want to stand in my shoes
want to f*ck my hoes
want to live my life
want to rock my shows (noooo)
ya young punks with ya loose *ss lips
i keep a ar with them loose *ss clips
what type of real n*gg* name himself after a bag
n*gg* you’s a hoe, a loui vuitton f*g
my name ain’t d*ck so keep it out ya mouth
it is what it is look i am da south (that’s right)
big mac you n*gg*s small fries
you just another n*gg* i’m more like the franchise (whatsup)


[verse 3]
i was born in the field raised in atlanta
pop busted a nut here so i was made in atlanta (ha ha)
mat lew died so i stayed in atlanta
had a plug on the squares got paid in atlanta
22’s on the 2-door it sits so right
ice tray on my wrist yea it shines so bright
make moves in the day and i ball by night
9/11 porsche i was on that flight
5’9, 6’1 i call’em the twin towers
had them on the triple stack
hit’em both in the shower
pedal to the medal bout a buck 85
mr. 17-5 slow head well i drive (whatsup)


ay…. ay…. ay…. chea….ay

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