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lirik lagu stunt’n like a fool (snippet) – t.i.

stunt’n like a fool (snippet)

[verse 1: t.i.]
black jeans, white tee
black rims, white b
8 figure n*gg*, small digits don’t excite me
iced out brightly, shine like lightning
everything bad bout my b*tches but they hygeine
turned up hyphy, everytime you see me on
matter fact, you can’t see me
‘less you turn your tv on
ay, we beyond that peon sh*t
that he be on
i stunt, ball daily
f*ck y’all, pay me
rockstar lifestyle, might not make it
my life like a movie
call me martin scorsese
on 5 blazin’, burnin’ hot cajun
ay dude, f*ck it

[bridge: t.i.]
everytime you see me out
just take yo’ ho’ and
we be out
we throwin ‘bands and goin’ ham, no doubt
you know what we be ’bout

[hook: t.i.]
ballin’ out the frame
stuntin’ like a fool
ay you know how we do
stuntin’ like a fool

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