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lirik lagu submarines – the lumineers


i believe submarines
underneath deep blue seas
saw the flags: japanese
no one will believe me

ran back to the town bar
and i told the people how
i had seen the submarine
and everyone laughed aloud

i did spy periscopes
dead of night on the eastern coast
the police made them jokes
told me i’d seen a ghost

everyone thinks i’m a liar
no one knows the truth
if it was a bigger fire
i would be on the roof

ships will rust in baldwin bay
(let me go!)
no one trusts what i say
(i don’t know!)
oh my god, no one paid
overnight my hair turned gray
(oh oh oh!)

in the end it boils down to credibility
i had none, so i will die with the secrets of the sea

(submarine! can’t find me! submarine!)



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