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lirik lagu sunshine – shai

[verse 1:]
tears of joy
a brand new life
distant lovers before you came to me closer
let’s go real fine
what we have done
we built this love exclusively
there’s no one like my

[chorus: x2]
my warm embrace
you’re my sunshine

face to face
i rest my soul
finally safe to say
we’re chasing what we started again
i’ll testify
for all you’ve given
you’ve listened to my ups and downs
thankful for each day and night
been away too long
gonna take you in my arms
and hold you tight oh baby
there’s no one else but you
that makes me feel the way you do
there’s a rainbow over here
oh sunny days don’t go away

[chorus: x4]
my warm embrace
you’re my sunshine

hey, sunshine
girl all that i’m feeling is you
you mean the world to me
you are the one
and i need you

sunshine i really love you

[chorus: x6]
my warm embrace
you’re my sunshine

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