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lirik lagu table dance – 2 live crew

( ) = woman’s line
[ ] = mr. mixx

chorus (4x): brother marquis
(can a b*tch do a table dance? can a b*tch do a table dance?) h*ll no!!
(can a b*tch do a table dance? can a b*tch do a table dance?) get out my face, hoe!

verse 1: brother marquis

i don’t give my riches to the b*tches!
shake-dancin’ ain’t nothin’ but trickin’
ten dollars, too much to give ’em
i done had my two-drink minnimum
i watch from a distance so i can see,
now charles kickin’ me out the vip?
b*tches callin’ me cheap
while they trick as they dancin’ in minks
hoe, you must be crazy
i know it’s your job, but i ain’t trickin’ miss daisy
i want a quick feel, a cheap thrill –
but i ain’t payin’ no p*ssy bills!
if you got mouths to feed,
b*tch, you better recognize a d*ck in need
’cause i’m a 3-piece n*gg*, b*tch, i don’t play
i want the p*ssy, a place to stay, but i don’t pay!
[uhh!! uhh!! now throw that p*ssy!!]


verse 2: fresh kid ice

booty clubs where n*gg*s go
spendin’ flow for stripper hoes
and table-tops cost five dollars
if the hoe ain’t cute, don’t even bother
b*tch, come clean from beginnin’
drop them strings and skin to win
she gotta show pink to get paid
and i don’t want a hoe who’s always afraid
i’ll flip that hoe like a script
’cause for all that flow, n*gg*s might trip
’cause p*ssy’s a man’s best friend
and she gotta keep shakin’ ’till the record ends
’cause i like them stripper hoes
the ones from rolexx and coco’s
so come on, make ya p*ssy pop
and i keep on gettin’ them table-tops!
{spoken} c’mon, girl, now, show me a shot now … aaight!
[uhh!! uhh!! now throw that p*ssy!!]


verse 3: brother marquis

serve me out your best d*ck-sucker
much money as i’ma spend in this motherf*cker?
you holler “no cash, no *ss!”
[well then b*tch, i p*ss!]
’cause i ain’t givin’ up no cash!
[h*ll naw!] not to see yo’ funky *ss!
you wanna dance? don’t sewat it!
if i f*ck for free, then you can dance on credit
trick-*ss n*gg*s just spoil ’em
payin’ ’em more than the club that employs ’em
checkin’ that booty movin’
to me it’s just a form of prost*tution
n*gg*s be wreckin’ theyself,
thinkin’ they got that b*tch to theyself?
well i sit back and relax
but tell b*tches with babies they need to work for food stamps
you can pop that p*ssy tax-free,
but you won’t get sh*t from me!
[uhh!! uhh!! now throw that p*ssy!!]


verse 4: brother marquis

i’m lookin’ for a crib for the weekend
i ain’t got no ends, but i wanna see the skins
i want mine for the low price
i heard b*tches dance free on amateur night!
shakin’ what they mama f*ck fo’
when your mama was a hoe, did she get dough?
don’t ask me for a dance; i don’t need one
i got 99 problems and a b*tch ain’t one
i’m freakin’ on like the next man
when you take this cash, i’m lookin’ up yo’ *ss!
[p*ssy pay the bills, d*ck pay the rent!]
all i got is a thanks and a compliment
usin’ it like a weapon
b*tches gettin paid for s*x and affection
f*ck you and your conversation!
i ain’t makin’ no f*ckin’ donations!
[uhh!! uhh!! now throw that p*ssy!!]


[all you hoes get on down!!]

during chorus:
[hop wid it!!]
[hey! take it to the ground!]
[hop wid it!]
[get on down!]


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