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lirik lagu takeover – (hed) p.e.


this a takeover
so get your hands up
for the power and the p*ssy
we don’t givaf*k about haters like you
i seen it all my life
still i get up – stand up – don’t give up the fight!!
i’ma b*tch slap pop these mothaf*ckas in they mouth
so step up b*tch
cuz i’m fed up with these fake *ss p*ss*es
no rest – never let up

boom – how you like me now?

you bite my flow, my lyrix, my hooks, my style
but unh!!
n*gg* i stay buckwild, cuz i don’t dgaf about you
no! you will never take away the heart that beats
and the black flag that wave
the heart of the streets – that’s me
but you gay – you so gay you like emo gotd*mnit
b*tch! p*ssy! it’s a crime – it’s a shame
you not a juggalo!
you a lie! you so lame!
this a family
from detroit to la
and we dgaf about sh*t

this a takeover…

i’m a monsta
baby i devour
your *ss – that face – that p*ssy

i got the power to make your p*ssy flower
i stay hard for hours
i rock that v*g*n*
go home and take a shower mommy

i’m a take, break – rape this 90 pounder
i grab her by the throat, rope, choke hold and pound her
just how she like it
i bite it – ride it – the write about it

when i’m done – i pull it out she put it in her mouth
i let her climb aboard
cuz she’s my little wh*r*
i let her drink it up
cuz she’s my little sl*t
she like to dress up
when i’m inside she flex it up
she dgaf about sh*t!

this a takeover!

it’s all over
it’s all f*cking over…

can we begin again?

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