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lirik lagu tennessee – the wreckers

i never had all the answers
i never had enough time
but i sure had all the reasons
why you weren’t what i wanted to find

i never laid all my cards out
you just wanted to play
the king he waited on my doorsteps
while the joker and me went on our way

maybe i was much too selfish
but baby you’re still on my mind
now i’m grown and all alone
and wishing i was with you tonight
’cause i can guarantee
things are sweeter in tennessee

these days everything is all business
never in one place for too long
but there’s no lack of arms around me
but i still wonder if somewhere i went wrong


in tennessee

and i’d wish on every star in the
southern sky
for that man and our life
if i did not think that


yes, i guarantee
things are sweeter in tenneesee

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