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lirik lagu testify – amy studt

i’ve been cheating myself for too long.
living as if i was going nowhere,
and i know it’s wrong,
i’ve been fighting myself for too long,
i try, really try to keep my head up high,
and i know it’s wrong,
and i should really know better,
but it’s been so long;

i know how i feel,
but i’m afraid to show it,
inside it’s so real,
but no one else would know it,
the whole truth and no lies,
cutting deeper, i can hear my soul cry,
come on testify, come on testify

i’ve been lying to myself for too long,
silence…. was my only comfort

and i know it’s wrong,
but i can’t change the weather,
it’s been too long;


to the friends that i’ve lost on the way,
to the friends i’ve been pushing away,
you could say that i’ve made it,
but i’m jaded
and inside i’m falling;


i’ve been fighting,
myself for too long,
and ive been hating,
myself for too long.

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