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lirik lagu texas – soulja boy


i’m on, i’m on, i’m on
it feels good, i love my life – i wake up, i get my cake up, i bake up!
nu-in but that purple flava! yeah i love dis sh*t, i live dis sh*t, i reminisce, i’m real as sh*t, real as f*ck, f*cked yo b*tch! yeaaaaah she sucked that d*ck, i swagged up, i juiced that sh*t, i’m times ten – eleven clips, twelve diamond chains & whips, i’m on it! i’m on that atl sh*t, i’m on that mia sh*t, i’m on that chi-town sh*t, that houston, texas sh*t, that screwed up sh*t, that purple sh*t, light that f*cking spliff, get me higher b*tch, suck a d*ck, yellow diamond ring, i’m a king, all my jewelry bling, swinging on them things, i’m a motha f*cking da prince’s, i look like donald trump, when he made his first one million, i feel like i’m high, and i’m standing on top of the ceilings, i do me, i do nothing but me, and gets money, and i’m good at it, i know my mathematics, i say f*ck subtracting, i gots to get it in like a f*ck n*gg*, get it in like a buck quicker, get it in like a truck n*gg*, dump dump with the k clip, n*gg* i stay around with bout eight pounds – i’m da underground, in my town, i’m the one now. player, mayor, soulja, slayer, ak like kobe, i pop it you know it i’m sharp like shin*bi, swag od, n*gg* that mean i’m swag overdosed, swag out the *ss, then i went and sh*tted on the globe, now everywhere i go i’m hearing, swag swag swag swag hoe, aahhh!

your b*tch ride like a rodeo, shouts out to antonio, we get your b*tch and we run a train, all i know is i’m rich as f*ck, i know the game, swag in my f*cking veins, swag on my shoe strings, swag out the roof mayne, still on that same sh*t, but i’m getting new money and it feels great, it feels amazing to wake up, to a fourteen million dollar estate, buy a lake, or buy the beach, or buy the ocean, ion know i’m hood, 8k and i’m not hollywood, but i got a crib in hollywood, i’m from simpson road, west side’s on one coast, b*tch talk sh*t, i boss, i don’t brag b*tch, i state facts. i scr*pe off in black jags, my pants sag to show the louie, money spent a hundred k, in the louie shop, i’m like ouie ouuiee. now my hair blonde and all the blonde girls wanna suck my d*ck, it feels so good to be so motha f*cking rich! i hopped out the back of the maybach like n*gg* i’m the sh*t! f*ck all of you hoes, i don’t give a sh*t! this that new mixtape!

this what i dreamed of, this exactly what i dreamed of, i pulled up on the scene cuz, you should’ve seen that sh*t bruh, that sh*t looked so wonderful, my chain look so tropical, yo b*tch on top of who, on top of me, its a shopping spree, you history, i’m sixty deep, in vip, popping bottles b, you know its me, cause its soulja b from sod, i’m a boss b, i’m a outlaw, i go hard, top off throwing bank cards, from making it rain with dollar bills, b*tch i’ma throw ten black cards, i’ma throw ten black cards, cause i’m a profit, a tyc**n, a ceo, entrepreneur, d*mn i’m rich, got d*mn i’m full with knowledge, lets give it to these f*cking kids, swag on my f*cking wrist, real talk bruh i’m the sh*t, real talk i’m the true no false, i’m the truer boss, with the sock shop off, waffle house, sip n syrup, zan with lean on the d*mn curb, calm my nerves, smoke the purp, on the ocean, shouts out to ocean gang, got d*mn i’m so hot don’t put me next to no propane!

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