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lirik lagu that’s how it goes – kingspade

[chorus: x2]
ain’t no telling what lies ahead
guess i’ll find out when i get there
what the future hold n*body knows
that’s the way of life
that’s how it goes

in the blink of an eye your whole life can change
cause in the blink of an eye you might not be seen again
and i’m speakin from experience i should have been dead twice
but someones ridin on my side to have saved my life 2 times
“man i’m so lucky”
is what my mind thinks first
then i think all of the people i could of hurt
and it ain’t even worth it i gotta change my ways
i gotta straighten up so i can see my kids birthdays
it’s a miracle to walk away and be alive
without a scratch on my body that’s the last time
i’m gonna try my hardest to make wiser decisions
if my friends say not to drive i’m gonna shut up and listen
it’s not right for parents to bury their kids
and to offend those i love to have done the things i did
i can’t explain why my life was graciously spared
but i gotta say i love you to the ones who cared about me…

[chorus: x2]

d rock the mic d-loc shine like a light
so bite when i take flight in the middle of the night
despite all the cats never liked my skeez
with this rap sh*t dog i made a couple hundred g’s
come on please “stop” h*ll naw
i’m a keep on goin, i’m a keep on flowin,
i’m a keep on rhymin, i’m a keep on climbin,
you know doin my thing till my souls put to silence
until the wheels fall off i’m a ride
stand behind my mic in the spotlight watch me shine
no time to play games with lames it’s do or die
we’s too clever for that to even verse you when we rhyme
so i’ll see you on the other side walkin down the line
with your peace sign up with 2 fingers in the sky
let the smoke fly hold um up not down
“wow” we’re livin a crazy life…

[chorus: x2]

[richter & d-loc:]
you see up and down is the rythem of life
and with up’s comes down’s no matter what type of fight
everybody knows pain but some will never know love
cause the world we live in today is pretty f*cked up…

you can never count me out i’m like the last man standin
the king of the hill dog i would of never even planned it
it’s hard to understand it, but d*mn it
whan it comes to my business i handle it
d-loc call me and don’t ever take me for granted…

[chorus: x2]

what lies ahead…
when i get there…
n*body knows…
that’s how it goes…

[chorus: x2]

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