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lirik lagu that’s wicked – twiztid

keep it wicked like 6 witches five skulls in one kettle let it boil til it scorch then burn the instrumental people kill we the hottest since temprature been arised as we take theses microphones and blacken both your eyes.

i got an axe in my hand b*tch what i dont chatter from the talkin in my head telling me to make the blood splatter climbing up a ladder and i hang em on a hook diabolical on every life i took.

travel undreground in the fire like h*llsp*wn and posses a mother f*cker to murder ya on ya lawn pick up a cellphone tell the devil your coming home but i keep getting disconnected because my minds on roam everybody dies when your f*cking with psychos all alone at midnight might slice your throat

sick and derranged words are irrelevant knife cuts clean through the skin to the skeleton consisted like risidual horse like them wicked wanna bes with fires and bl**dy corpse we stay eternal vampuric when you hear it as it seeping through the speakers trying to grab hold of your spirit

split tounge sick one i’ll spit some moonlight with shadows of lost souls and victims parish in the heart of the darkness i’m heartless and i dont have a concious to start with im marked with an axe as a symbol of greatness to hate this would only explain all of your fakeness watch me blaze this place with the strike of a match and disappear in the form of a bat.

the wickeds keep it vertical control and the horizontal and vertical on the path of the pinnacle of my sinister ritiual i’m dangerous repaticious like deja vu meaning i’ve been there before and already know what imma do falling fast the furious wins seeing faces on the wall laced with hideous grins eyes blinking at me lips moving counting the sins a million arms at the bottom all waving me on in.

thats wicked

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