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lirik lagu the pearl – closterkeller

i know secrets of marble;
the kisses i’ve known of mercury were
a diamond-hard pearl, though impervious,
bears memories etched

the gilded wires hide darkness
yet there the sun-flame a lyric sings
though i feel like an object
though i’m blinded, something still thinks…
eyes suddenly unveiled,
gone the innocence, with the fragrant lace
i shroud myself in my wings and i turn into a white pearl

the sun is beckoning to me,
a warm sea’s lying at my feet
then all at once a prod,
within a part that was unknown to me

i cannot turn these thoughts off,
like a screen when the eyes smart
end of the world, not yet of my path
i still have to dart down
shedding off my fear and my pain
i see
now i can see through the waves

and then a sudden enlightening
there was more than the eye met
but as i’m slowly sinking
i can feel no regret…

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