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lirik lagu the real (infinity guitars) – childish gambino

“the real (infinity guitars)”

motherf*ck a n*gg*
h*ll yeah i do it bigger
i got eight figures like i’m skatin’ in the winter
n*gg*s thought that i was kiddin’
these raps are not my sketches
i’m a sick boy, n*gg*, when i cough i hope you catch it
my germs in your system, now you coughin’ like asthmatic
all of my “i’m tired of it” turns into your “wish i had it”
i don’t need this money, but i spend it like i wanna
she said this d*ck is hers, i don’t wanna take it from her

your d*ck stay chilly, it’s a cold, rough world
i get superhero p*ssy, she a powerpuff girl
sh*t just got real like pinocchio t*rds
yo n*gg* is geppetto, i don’t want no instrumentals
leave the vocals on my sh*t
like the song givin’ me head
and your b*tch can’t sleep ’cause she used to my bed
she could have any d*ck, you just mad she chose-d mine
schoolin’ all you n*gg*s and my mouth will make it columbine
i am just a rapper, man, i ain’t got no clothing line
my clothing line has closed the line and let me shop at closing time
yo boy got stacks like i’m standin’ in a borders line
hidin’ from you b*tches ’cause real n*gg*’s hard to find
work this sh*t like overtime
yeah, my clothes are so designed
closet look like bloomingdale’s, yo closet look like fashion jail
i break you out, i post for bail
this money make me olsen twins, you call your b*tch, you hearin’ this
uh uh uh

yes it’s necessary to be flier than canaries
stay fresh to death like a mint cemetery
i do not talk, yeah my life a library
eat her out and leave her cold, make that hole my ben & jerry’s
broke the mold on you b*tches, man, i am so unique
you are not a rapper, if you were you’d hardly speak
i am stone mountain and i haven’t reached my peak
f*ck her like i’m mad at her then i turn the other cheek

this sh*t is amazing, check me in my sweater, man
comme des garã§ons, b*tch, n*body do it better, man
but i do it better, man
when it comes to p*ssy girls whisper in my ear “no one else can do this to me”
you’s a cutie but you gotta know i’m married to my work
and these n*gg*s ain’t sh*t so i guess they must be urine
gotta gift this b*tch, like christmas, b*tch
i’m a act and rap, will smith this b*tch
when rappers start rappin’ over indie sh*t
just remember i was first to hit this sh*t
the difference is i’m different, b*tch
how the f*ck can these n*gg*s be d*ckless pr*cks?
man, what the f*ck you gon’ do?
i don’t need to talk to you
i am just a rapper too

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