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lirik lagu the reckoning – pillar

i’m an outlaw taking chances
when there’s nothing left to gain
i get caught seeking answers
that only cause me pain
can’t let my eyes get branded
so i can find my way
i’ll ride like a runaway bandit
’cause i found that i’m to blame

time keeps changing
but the story’s the same
why do we all keep looking
for somebody to blame
the score needs settled
but this isn’t a game
so win lose or die ride
this is the reckoning

i’m a renegade livin’ the edge and
you’re the one who lives afraid
i keep on turning the pages
you keep on running away
i’m a young gun shootin’ to payback
here comes the ricochet
i see wanted dead or alive
on the page i see my face

what good is the cure without the disease

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