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lirik lagu the rocker – childish gambino

“the rocker”

[intro – continues in background]
mr. gambino, mr. mr. gambino [12x]

uh, they call me the rocker
uh, yeah, uh-huh, uh
uhh, they call me the rocker
i get down like 2pac and big poppa
some say he too birds, you can’t stop him
n*gg*z got too much beef like two whoppers
look at my clockers, it’s about time
for a n*gg* to mature like a gl*ss of fine wine
ain’t no n*gg* alive can outshine
i get sneaks, but don’t pay like i’m crime
i run this b*tch, cause i’m will smith
cause i am legend and you just hitch
but naw i’m hitch, cause i get b*tches
well i got more than one so call me eight hitches
we ain’t got riches, just some nice kicks
so call me bruce lee who’s dressed in nice sh*t
haters think i’m lame and girls think i’m sick
but both of them groups is riding my d*ck

yeah, they call me the rocker
call me mr. gambino
uh-huh, check this out! i’m fly like birds
and i spit real sh*t so my flow like t*rds
and my words absurd so i turn it all around
so my mouth is my *ss and i sh*t when i’m loud
and i’m black and i’m proud, and i’m white and i’m rich
so f*ck it, i’m a martian, i’m lilo and st*tch
n*gg*z say i sound like weezy and sh*t
well he the best in the game so what’s wrong with that?
are you trying to tell me that my rhymes is fat?
call me usain bolt cause i run the track
n*gg* i’m sick of that, stop comparin me to people
i know my voice funny like my name john heder
and i’m out of this world and i’m hot like sp*ce heaters
and my girl top down so i call her two seater
my iphone blast like tnt
i text back to homegirl, “what’chu know ’bout me?”
i’m in n.y.c. or in a-t-l
and my wallet stay fat like kenan plus kel
n*gg* what’s that smell, cause my sh*t don’t stink
cause my shirt bright blue and my shoes hot pink
and i finish this drink that i call a twin tower
two bud lights and a whiskey sour
where i fall down, that sh*t is ground zero
little kids sayin “there goes my hero!”
hahahaha; they call me the rocker, n*gg*!

uh, they call me the rocker
yo, i’m out man

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